The self-management


Self-management tools for more success, happiness and health at work

You know from your private environment the power and success of high-quality and serious energy work? We bring this effective and new kind of energy coaching, in cooperation with Renate Konrad, one of the most renowned and experienced business energetics in Europe, to selected companies. You will be enthusiastic about the rapid and positive development of your company, your management team and last but not least yourself!

Selected topics:

  • Basic knowledge of energy management
  • Self management and tools for improvement
  • The 3 G’s: Happiness, Health and Money
  • Interaction of body, brain, psyche and chi
  • What is stress from an energetic point of view
  • The optimal alignment in life
  • Esotericism vs. Exotericism
  • Our vocation in life
  • Live self-responsibility

In-depth knowledge:

  • Energy systems – working with chi yourself
  • Breathing is life – life is breathing
  • Brain – my access to the past
  • Face-reading – how do I use it optimally in my business
  • The body never lies and is my best therapist
  • Environment – Electrosmog & Co
  • Nutrition – you are what you eat
  • Nutrients – Herbal / Orthomolecular / Pharmaceuticals
  • Rituals – thousands of years old, always work
  • and much more.