Negotiation & Listing

I coach you in retail through the negotiation and listing process

I prepare you perfectly for listing talks in retail You want to appear professional, confident, self-assured and top prepared at all listing talks? Would you like to know what makes buyers tick and what tricks and strategies you can use to score points with them in negotiations?

In retail coaching, we go through all the important topics together on the way to a successful retail listing. I actively support you throughout the entire negotiation and listing process. If necessary, I will also open the doors of the largest retailers for you, conduct the talks myself or prepare you in detail for the purchase negotiation.

Your future knowledge advantage:

  • You know how to conduct listing conversations and what matters in each situation
  • You are perfectly prepared for all questions and radiate competence and sympathy
  • You know which contents are important in your company and product presentation
  • You are not overwhelmed at any stage of the negotiation process and have less pressure
  • You see through all negotiation strategies of the buyers and use this for the enforcement of better prices
  • You know exactly when the buyer is bluffing or when a discount must be given to win an order
  • and much more.

At MACONA network I also have top contacts with all the major international players in the retail sector. A large network also exists in the area of various online channels, wholesale, gastronomy and in the production of consumer goods.

Top contacts to:

  • REWE
  • SPAR
  • ALDI
  • LIDL
  • DM
  • COOP
  • and much more.