As a certified business coach and through my 20 years of experience in executive coaching, I am also happy to accompany you on your career path.

After a skyrocketing career and promotion to top management in a major corporation, for a long time my main focus was on working and earning money. I learned and experienced a lot, traveled the whole world, until my body strongly signaled that my path was no longer the right one.

After many coaching sessions and intensive self-reflection, I ventured out of my comfort zone and into self-employment. Since then, my new focus has enabled me to experience on a daily basis how working can once again become a passion, is fun, and can be meaningful and fulfilling.

Through my many years of coaching experience with executives and my training as a certified business coach, I now have the most up-to-date tools and methods to effectively support you on your journey.

My path to becoming a business coach:

  • 20 years of top management and great passion for working with people and executive coaching
  • 100 employees in the team, including 30 permanently changing top managers and authorized signatories
  • Deep entrepreneurial and economic understanding in many business areas
  • Constant self-reflection over all these years with the help of a business coach
  • A lot of experience from my own professional crisis of life
  • Successful step into self-employment with MACONA Retail Coaching
  • Professional education at the largest coaching institute in Europe to become a certified business coach
  • Certified personality coach with Deep O.C.E.A.N., the leading personality development model
  • Certified S.C.I.L. Profile Master to increase your self-efficacy
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