My Partners

Together with my partners, I want to change the world a little bit for the better with honest, sustainable products.

I have always enjoyed most the issues that have made a positive impact on our environment and our entire living environment. I now try to follow this thought with all my projects.

Atlantika vegan fish and seafood products

With the company Atlantika, vegan substitute products in the field of fish and seafood are distributed in Europe.

VeggieBel vegan organic ready meals

With the company VeggieBel innovative, vegan organic soup cubes or organic soup powder and vegan organic instant ready meals are distributed in Europe.

Keto products from Tulipans

With the company Tulipans, a wide range of ketogenic foods, such as mueslis and bars, is distributed and sugar avoidance is made easy.

CO2-neutral mobility with ocay

With the company ocay, the market leader in the area of car subscriptions in Austria, low-cost and CO2-neutral car subscriptions are offered to the broad masses in cooperation with a large retailer.

Sustainable packaging from delfort

With the company delfort, an international paper group, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions are being developed together with the food industry, which are intended to replace all types of food packaging made of plastic in the future.

Sustainable cleaning products without single-use plastic from aer

aer's product range eliminates single-use plastic and minimizes CO2 emissions through a reusable solution. They are vegan, organic and based on natural ingredients.

Sustainable household products with morethanmerchandise

With the company morethanmerchandise, items such as compostable drinking straws and cutlery as well as various other sustainable household products are developed and offered to the trade.