COACHING WITH Quantec® – Instrumental Biocommunication

Quantec® makes it possible to analyze and record the biofield of an organism by means of the most modern quantum physics, to recognize weak points and then to balance them by means of analyzed harmonizing impulses.

My personal path is the classic in today’s hectic professional environment, which is in a state of total upheaval. After a stellar career andthe rise to the top management of a large corporation for a long time it was all about working and making money. You learned and experienced a lot, traveled the whole world, until the burn-out signaled very strongly that the path was no longer quite the right one.

After a lot of coaching and intensive self-reflection, the step out of the comfort zone and into it came Independence. Since then, thanks to the new focus, I have been experiencing every day how work becomes a passion again, is fun and can be meaningful and fulfilling.

In retrospect, finding this calling anew was only possible with the help of a business coach who professionally accompanied me on my way and showed me new paths. I would now like to pass on this experience and knowledge to you as well.

My path to becoming a business coach:

  • 20 years of top management and great passion for working with people and executive coaching
  • 100 employees in the team, 30 of whom are constantly changing top managers and authorized signatories
  • Deep entrepreneurial and economic understanding in many business areas
  • Permanent self-reflection over the years with a business coach
  • Experience from your own professional meaning and life crisis
  • Successful step into self-employment with Macona Retail Coaching
  • My trainers include the top business coaches in German-speaking countries – Dr. Stefan Fraedrich, Dr. Frederik Hümmeke and Dieter Lange.