The product


Do you have a good, sensible and sustainable product idea, or do you already have a finished product on the market that is not performing as well as you would like? Your product is good, but far from perfect, and you don’t know exactly where and how you could improve it?

In this workshop, we take your product apart, dismantle it down to the smallest individual parts and provide you with all the necessary inputs and answers on the way to product perfection as the basis for future additional sales.

Product concept

  • What problem is my product the answer to?
  • Which points must a product presentation in retail contain?
  • What questions do I need to prepare for in the appointment?
  • What does a perfect product presentation for retail look like?

Product success

  • What makes a successful product in retail?
  • Which product USPs are relevant for retailers?
  • How do I compare my product to the competition?
  • How to work with a value added analysis tool?

Product quality

  • How does the competition compare in the retail sector?
  • How do I sufficiently safeguard my product quality?
  • How do I get a positive test result for my products and how do I praise them?
  • How do I taste correctly and how do I draw the right conclusions?

Product presentation

  • What does optimal product presentation look like from the customer’s point of view?
  • Does my preparation note work and how should it be applied?
  • What logos are there and which should be on my products?
  • and much more.