Retail & Purchasing

Boost your performance with detailed insights into the world of retail and purchasing

Take advantage of insights from 20 years of retail and purchasing experience

Are you a supplier in the retail industry and would like to know how large international retailers tick in detail and what criteria all decision-makers use to make their decisions? You are not clear what exactly your buyers want from you or how best to score points in appointments and negotiations?

Are you lacking important background knowledge about the interrelationships of decisions and their effects on your offered product portfolio?

How much easier and more successful cooperation can become for suppliers with retailers in all areas, I will tell you in detail. You will be thrilled with the positive impact on your business.

Your future knowledge advantage:

  • You know how retailers are structured and which departments pursue which goals
  • You know current strategies and their backgrounds of the large retail groups and can draw maximum benefit for yourself from them
  • You know what makes central purchasing tick and which other departments are still important to you
  • You know the topics and products with which you currently score best with buyers
  • You know in every situation what the background of decisions are
  • You know what a buyer needs to be successful, so you can support them 100% of the time
  • and much more.