Product & Market

Whether food, non-food or service, I coach your product to perfection

Let’s optimize your product for the retail market

Are you a supplier in the retail sector and have a good, sensible and sustainable product idea, or do you already have a finished product on the market that is not performing as well as you would like? Your product is not bad, but the performance on the market is manageable? Are you at a loss as to why purchasing keeps rejecting your product and urgently need support? Then retail coaching is just right for you.

Why do I know what works for the customer?

For the last 20 years, I have been developing private label products with my purchasing teams on a daily basis with suppliers and perfecting them for the customer. From taste, product and packaging design to marketing campaigns, up to 100 products a day continuously crossed my desk. These were discussed in all details, improved, adopted and finally implemented.

A few months later, customer feedback in the form of good or not so good sales in stores in a wide range of countries reflected the quality of the decisions made.

Through this decades-long, daily game of offering and product improvement, a keen sense developed of what works and what doesn’t work with customers and in the marketplace. In a sense, one became a “customer whisperer for products”.

I am now happy to pass on this detailed knowledge of many years about the ideal nature of perfect product concepts to you in the context of retail coaching.

Selected topics:

  • Evaluation of the product idea
  • Optimization of the assortment strategy
  • Improvement of product development
  • Optimization of the cost structure
  • Recipe development and tasting
  • Brand development and design
  • Perfect packaging design
  • Packaging structure and pricing
  • Ideas for POS implementation
  • Individual pricing strategies
  • Trend scouting in retail
  • sustainability strategies in retail
  • and much more.